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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Trees require pruning for many different reasons, including:

  • Formative pruning – this technique involves carefully shaping a tree to achieve a particular aesthetic style or appearance.
  • Crown Reduction – Crown reductions reduce the overall size of the tree by reducing the tree’s height, spread and volume. This will minimize the sail area of the tree. It is an excellent method to consider if a tree is too large for its environment or blocking light and is an alternative to removing the tree.
  • Crown Lifting – This involves removing or pruning back lower branches and is a good technique to use to create more light or better views. It is also useful way to improve lawnmower, pedestrian or vehicle access.
  • Thinning – this is done to permit new growth, allow better air circulation and create more light.
  • Storm Damage Prevention – Removing dead, diseased, weak or storm-damaged branches. This protects the health of the tree and ensures the surrounding environment is safe.
  • Hedge Trimming – Maintaining and caring for hedges requires knowledge and skill, our Arborists use their experience and precision to create the perfect hedge.