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Emergencies: 027 528 0616

Air Spade

Air Spade

This is a hand held tool that produces a supersonic stream of air that effectively penetrates and dislodges many types of soils, exposing the root system of a tree. The process is harmless to objects such as buried pipes, plant roots or cables.

Air Spading has many purposes including:

  • Root Pruning – Exposing the roots of a tree to carefully cut and clear roots for services such as pipes or cables.
  • Root Barrier Systems – This is a way of diverting the growth of roots so they don’t impose on areas such as driveways.
  • Vertical Trenching – This process can enable nutrient barriers to be built providing the root system with essential nutrients so the health of the tree can be optimised and maintained.
  • Soil de-compaction – Compacted roots can reduce oxygen availability and cause accumulation of carbon dioxide and other gases. The ability to absorb water and minerals is decreased and root growth may be diminished. De-compacting the soil around the root system can significantly improve tree health & growth.